1. Red Flags

From the recording ELEMENTS

Red flags can mean so many things, can't they?

Lead vocals by Freddy Krummins
Bass guitar by Brian Phraner
Drums by Don Freeborn
All other voices, instruments & field recordings by Bruce Main



See the red flags flying out on the breeze
When the red flags fly it’s time to leave
Staying here is for the brave and the fools
When the red flags fly you know chaos rules

Tonight’s the night
What’s wrong put right
Wish I may, wish I might
Have my way tonight
See red everywhere
Red flags in the air
Red ribbons in your hair
Red in the fire’s glare
Give me what you’ve got
Don’t care if it’s a lot
The haves will have not
Lose everything you’ve bought
Follow my sword
Obey my words
Don’t care what you’ve heard
World shaken not stirred

Hear the sirens wail, don’t go out of your home
Hear the thunder crash the wind starts to moan
Feel the fear creep in, it’s about to arrive
Better hurry home if you want to survive
Red flags drawing near
Red banners are here
Red planet ruling Mars
Red moon, red stars
Red flags, red blood
Red river, red flood
Red cities, red towns
Red country goes down