1. Arctic Toast

From the recording ELEMENTS

There are winners and losers in the climate game.

Lead vocals by Freddy Krummins
Bass guitar by Brian Phraner
Drums by Don Freeborn
All other voices & instruments by Bruce Main



The sun is shining bright
The day is full of light
No more lack of solar
No more bears are polar
Summer is unabated
Glaciers were overrated
Winter is just a ghost
The sand is warm as toast
Here on the Arctic coast

Tropics a ring of fire
Tide surge getting higher
El Nino here to stay
He never goes away
L.A. no one will mourn ya’
Greenland is California
Rain forest a disaster
Big storms coming faster
Palm trees in Alaska

Don’t be alarmed by this song
Ice ages have come and gone
Warming won’t last very long
Mother Nature always wins
She will
Fix it
When we’re

Florida starts to fry
Seattle’s nice and dry
Rockies run out of snow
No wind in Chicago
No more Riviera
Sea where there once was Terra
Ice melt has added height
Still some things are all right
No one gets frost bite